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How To Use A Fish Finder! How To Make & Do Everything! The Show Down 5.6 Dital Fish Finder sets a new standard for total sonar performance. Silvia Hoard very good helped me more then manual thanks great great help´╗┐. Icefishing using a LCD Fish Finder - GPS - Icehole adventure # Fueled by Mar Cum Technologies' proven sonar engine, this 8" vertical LCD system matches or exceeds the performance of all other ice fishing sonar systems available. Showdown Troller Dital Fish Finder User Manual Electronics 2 - Table of Contents About Your New. 8000 watts of output power yields a clearer return snal and target separation down to an almost microscopic level at 1/2". I FF718Li Fish Finder Operations Manual FF718Li. When in very shallow water, I get gaps in the bottom reading and inconsistent dital depth indication.

How To Use A <strong>Fish</strong> <strong>Finder</strong>! How To Make & Do Everything!
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User <i>Manual</i> - Marcum Technologies
Dot matrix fstn lcd 131 feet depth wireless sonar <i>fish</i> <i>finder</i>.

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