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Qu-24 - Allen & Heath

Qu-24 - Allen & Heath AWESOME AUDIO QUALITYEmploying the latest 24bit A/D’s and D/As, the D2424LV’s hh-definition recording engine offers soniy pure, no-compromise non-compressed multitrack recording in one of six audio formats, including the new 24bit / 96k Hz and 24bit / 88.2k Hz standards. Now in a feature-packed new Chrome Edition, Qu-24 reshapes dital mixing. Qu-24's built-in audio interface streams up to 32 selectable tracks to your Mac.

Overbridge Elektron

Overbridge Elektron All under the control of FDMS-3, Fostex’s intellent disk management software. Stream the eht internal tracks to separate DAW tracks 24 bit/48 kHz; Re all Ditakt settings when loading a DAW project; Plus all features of Overbridge.

DP-004 Owner's <i>Manual</i> -

DP-004 Owner's Manual - D2424LVmk2 is a perfect successor to the reputed D2424 offering new solution to transfer the recorded data to computer with no stress. When throwing used batteries away, follow the disposal instructions indi-. • cated on. IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS. TASCAM. Mixing the tracks.

M-Track 2X2 - M-Audio

M-Track 2X2 - M-Audio D2424LVmk2 now has built-in CF card slot on the second bay to backup the recorded program on the HD to FAT-formatted CF card in WAV format.24 TRACKS, 24 BALANCED I/Os No matter what the performance is, rock, theatrical, jazz, or worship, you need inputs. With the M-Track 2X2, you can create flawless 24-bit/192kHz studio-quality recordings with an intuitive and easy-to-use audio interface. Boasting an elegant.

Product DP-24SD TASCAM

Product DP-24SD TASCAM So for maximum flexibility, each of the D2424LVmk2’s 24 dital recording tracks has it’s own analog input and output on TRS jack. The TASCAM DP-24SD – A Complete Dital Studio. The DP-24SD Dital Portastudio is a 24-track workstation, allowing eht tracks of simultaneous recording.

Pro Tools Reference Guide - Avid

Pro Tools Reference Guide - Avid These I/Os can be set to function as 4d Bu balanced or -10d BV unbalanced ensuring maxi-mum connectivity with consoles and effects. Bruno, C24, Command8, Control24, D-Command, D-Control. D-Fi, D-fx, D-Show, D-Verb, DAE. Exporting Pro Tools Tracks as AAF or OMFI Sequences.

MultiTrack by Harmonicdog

MultiTrack by Harmonicdog In addition to the analog I/OS there are three ADAT Dital Interfaces (24 ADAT I/Os in total) for con-nection to the new breed of dital consoles. It provides up to 24 stereo tracks of better than CD quality audio, and the ability to playback all of those tracks, while recording up to 16 tracks.

CLC Genomics Workbench <b>manual</b> - QIAGEN

CLC Genomics Workbench manual - QIAGEN The format of the user manual. 40. 24 Tracks. 517. 24.1 Track lists. 24.4 Converting data to tracks and back.

Asset UPnP DLNA OS X <b>Manual</b> - dBpoweramp

Asset UPnP DLNA OS X Manual - dBpoweramp The following manual is for those who need to customize Asset to suit. Dynamic Browsing offers a way to customize the listing Artist, Album, Tracks etc results. L24 24 bit LPCM Supported for devices which can support L24 this option.

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