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XEROX WorkCentre 5020 User Manual Page 96 of 133 Contents of this publication may not be reproduced in any form without permission of Xerox Corporation. Confure TCP/IP settings, including DHCP (Dynamic Addressing) and DNS, touch [Save], touch the [Close] button to return to the Network Setting screen. All in One Printer Xerox WorkCentre 5755 System Administrator Manual. All in One Printer Xerox WORKCENTRE 5735 User Manual

Software installation - How do I install Adobe Flash player? - Ask. Unpublished rhts reserved under the copyrht laws of the United States. Uninstallation instructions --------------------------- Manual uninstallation for users who installed the. Inc; user contributions licensed under cc by.

Xerox WorkCentre 5790 Family 5735 5740 5745 5755 5775 Service. XEROX and XEROX and Desn are trademarks of Xerox Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Changes, cal inaccuracies, and typographic errors will be corrected in subsequent editions. Note: This device supports IPv6 Addressing, with an automatiy-built Link Local Address for broadcasting to routers that can supply the network-layer confuration parameters. Xerox WorkCentre 5755. This manual is part of a multinational service documentation system that is structured in the standard Xerox service manual.

WorkCentre 5735/5740/5745/5755 Drivers & Downloads Document version 2.0: December 2010 Table of Contents 1 Introduction Xerox Work Centre Series Related Information Sources Customer Support Device Connection and Quick Setup Front View Device Control Panel Overview Initial Connection Power Management Installation Wizard Print a Confuration Report Access Tools Pathway as a System Administrator Ethernet Confuration Enable TCP/IP and HTTP at the Device Internet Services System Confuration How to Verify the IP Address To Access Internet Services The Internet Services Welcome Page Access Internet Services as System Administrator Changing the System Administrator Password To Setup HTTP Confure Network Connectivity Protocols with Internet Services Set a Description for the Device To Enable Services To Install Print Drivers Confure Services General Setup Administrator Tools Password Confuration Page Confure Print Protocols Secure Print Hold All Jobs Cloning Date and Time Image Settings Job Management Internationalization Sleep Mode Settings Custom Services Setup SMart esolutions Setup Alert Notification Billing Information and Usage Counters Energy Saver Banner Sheet Service Default Job Status Default Saving and Reprinting Jobs Online/Offline Foren Interface Device Software Upgrade via Network Connection Internet Services Information Checklist Enable HTTP on the device Status Description and Alerts Billing Information and Usage Counters Consumables Trays Jobs Active Jobs Saved Jobs Print Address Book Properties Confuration Overview Description General Setup Ethernet Confuration using Internet Services Support Other features and Services Network Installation Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista Environment Information Checklist For Static IP Address For Dynamic IP Address Windows 2000/2003 using Apple Talk Information Checklist Windows using Microsoft (R) Networking Net BIOS over IP Net BEUI over IP IP Confuration in a Mac Environment Apple LPR Printing Apple Print Queue Network Confuration Confure Static IP Address using the Device Confure Dynamic Addressing Confure IP Settings using Internet Services Confure SLP Confure FTP SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) SSDP (Simple Service Discovery Protocol) Microsoft Networking LPR/LPD Raw TCP/IP Printing SP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) LDAP Confure POP3 Setup Confure HTTP Proxy Server NTP WSD Apple Talk Net Ware AS400 Raw TCP/IP Printing to Port 9100 (CRTDEVPRT) UNIX Solaris 2.x Print Drivers Windows 2000/2003 Server Xerox Printer Installer Windows 2000 Professional Xerox Printer Installer Windows XP Xerox Printer Installer Windows Vista Xerox Printer Installer Apple Macintosh 10. See Confure Network Connectivity Protocols with Internet Services on page 25. Web-based Scan Driver Installer for the Xerox WorkCentre 5735/5740/5745/5755/5765/5775/5790.

WorkCentre 5735/5740/5745/5755 Multifunction X Authentication 8 Security Authentication Overview Authentication Confuration Authentication Confuration (Network Authentication) Xerox Secure Access Xerox Encryption and Sning FIPS Encryption User Data Encryption User Information Database IP Filtering Audit Log Security Certificate Management IP Sec Security Certificates To Access the Security Certificates Screen X System Timeout On Demand Overwrite Overview Immediate Image Overwrite Overview Workflow Scanning Workflow Scanning User Authentication Information Checklist Enable Workflow Scanning Confure a File Repository Confure General Settings Confuring Validation Servers Scanning Web Service Confuring the Default Template Update List of Templates Custom File Naming Display Settings Set up Remote Template Pool Repository Scan to Mailbox Information Checklist Enable Scan to Mailbox Create a New Mailbox Personalize Settings or Modify Settings Confure Scan to Mailbox Scan to Home 12 Information Checklist Enable and Confure Scan to Home Addressing Authentication Confuring Public and Internal Address Books (LDAP) LDAP Addressing - Internal Address Book Public Address Book Domain Filter 13 Internet Fax Using Mixed Size Orinals Internet Fax Addressing Internet Fax Authentication and Authorization Information Checklist Enable Internet Fax Domain Filter Embedded Fax 15 Server Fax 16 LAN Fax Information Checklist Setting Fax Defaults Server Fax Authentication and Authorization Enable Server Fax Confure a Server Fax Repository Information Checklist Enable LAN Fax (Windows Print Driver) Using LAN Fax Reprint Saved Jobs Information Checklist Enable Reprint Saved Jobs Enable Reprint Saved Jobs in your Print Driver Enable Save Job for Reprint Back-up Jobs Restore Jobs Manage Folders Saving a Job Custom Services Validation Options Extensible Services Setup Information Checklist WSD (Web Services for Devices) Enable WSD (Web Services for Devices) Xerox Standard Accounting Information Checklist Enable Xerox Standard Accounting To Add New User To Create a General Account 22 Network Accounting Information Checklist Enable and Confure Network Accounting Auditron Xerox Secure Access Secure Access and Accounting Software Upgrade When Should I Upgrade the Software? To Upgrade Using the Internet Services USB Printer Port Information Checklist Troubleshooting Index Troubleshooting: Workflow Scanning Troubleshooting: Troubleshooting: Internet Fax Troubleshooting: Server Fax Troubleshooting: Embedded Fax Troubleshooting: Network Accounting Font Management Utility and Unicode Introduction 1 This guide has been created for System Administrators who need to install, set up and manage printers and other services on their network. Quick Setup When your device is confured with an IP Address and HTTP is enabled, you can confure network information from your web browser via Internet Services. WorkCentre 5735/5740/5745/5755 delivers security features and cost controls. For small works of less then 10 users to large departments of more than.

Xerox WorkCentre 7545 All-in-one printer/scanner/copier/fax User. To use the procedures in this Guide effectively, System Administrators must have previous experience working in a network environment and must possess Supervisor, Administrator, Account Operator, or equivalent rhts to the network. Enter the IP Address of the device in your web browser to access Internet Services. Xerox WorkCentre 7545 All-in-one printer/scanner/copier/fax User Guide Manual cal details Operating Instructions

Addressbook - xerox workcentre, address book, snmp - Stack Overflow They must also have prior knowledge of how to create and manage network user accounts. For further information, refer to Internet Services on page Version 1.0 October 2009 2009 Xerox Corporation. Xerox and the sphere of connectivity desn are trademarks of Xerox Corporation in the US and/or other countries. It seemd to me last year to find a web page where there are example of setting the workcentre 5755 public address book name, email using SNMP.

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