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Manual - Wise Guy Synth With eht notes of polyphony, two oscillators per voice, a noise source, two multi-stage envelopes, a resonant filter and auto-bend, the DSS-1 has much in common with Korg's previous flagship DW-8000. The KORG DSM-1 is a complex and sophisticated dital music device that is remarkably easy to use, provided you follow the instructions in this manual.

Korg DSS-1 - Sound Doctorin But it went much further, boasting twin dital delays, oscillator sync, an improved unison mode, a lush analog VCF switchable between 12 and 24d B, and more. Operating System code N/A. Scematics/Service Manual Manual Manor DSS-1. The DSS-1 machines have a large number of chips since the things being.

Korg DSS-1 Vintage Synth Explorer Whereas the DW-8000 got its raw material from 16 stored dital waves, the DSS1's oscillators take their source from sampling, additive synthesis, or even hand-drawn waveforms! What do you think a DSS1 would for today? it all works, looks in better than avertage Cond. have, all the disks, owners manual and orinal box.

Korg DSS-1 - pedia It actually had a warm sound and was great for creating pads and textures, as well as deep basses and drones. The Korg DSS-1 is a 12-bit polyphonic sampling synthesizer released in September 1986. The DSS-1 has its operating system stored on ROM chips, so if you lose your floppy. Korg DSS1 page with audio clips, manual and schematics.

Dital sampling synthesizer owner's manual - The synthesis method is based on altering various waveform samples via 2 data sliders. Congratulations and thank you for choosing the KORG DSS-l. 1! Dust or sand. I! iiibrations. Also, to assure proper floppy disk operation, use this unit on a level.

DSS-1 Service Manual - It can sample and then treat the samples as its waveforms - that includes all filtering and envelopes. This PDF package may contain information, schematics, parts lists, images. Korg. Model. DSS-1. Product Dital Sampling-Keyboard. Description Service.

Korg DSS-1 SCSI Retrofit User's The link above will take you to an e Bay search for this synth to see active listings with more images, specs and information. Upgrade desned eHClusively for Korg USR, Inc. bg sound logic, Inc. Check the owner's manual of your Hard from the Hard Disk into the DSS-1 for a System.

Korg DSS1 Sampler - Specifications, pictures, prices, Also on this page links to other resources for the Korg DSS1 Sampler. DSS1 Replacement floppy drives, Owners manuals, Service manuals, Samples. Dss1.

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